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A Safe Narcotic Option for Pain Management.



What is LoMed?

LoMed is a pain relief program that combines a series of custom formulas and ancillary tests to address the needs of patients suffering from chronic malignant and non-malignant pain. Our proprietary formula addresses soft tissue as well as neuropathic pain. By integrating codeine with an amplifier, LoMed significantly enhances pain relief and greatly reduces anxiety without any withdrawal symptoms. Each program is customized to fit the patients exact needs.

What is an amplifier?

The human body's physiologic response to our medication is very complicated, and we design the LoMed program around the specific needs of our patients. That being said, Vistaril is one of our key ingredients. The role of Vistaril is to provide a powerful enhancement of codeine as well as to address the anxiety that accompanies any patient who has suffered with long term chronic pain. The beauty of our custom formulas is that we address the patient's specific pain receptors while we prepare you digestive system for the medication. We address the issues prior to the onset of withdrawal.

Is your program similar to Suboxone?

No, our mission is to provide pain relief to the vast number of Americans who have to cope with long term chronic pain. By and large, these patients are not chemically addicted to opioids. They are in need of a pain relief product that adequately addresses their mild to severe chronic pain and complies with the new government guidelines. Suboxone is designed to address patients who are transitioning from drugs such as heroin.

How much is LoMed?

LoMed is $295 for a months supply of our strongest formula is approximately one third of the cost of OxyContin.

We are making every effort to make this affordable to as many Americans as possible. Each of our patients receives a universal claim form for their prescription to submit to their insurance.

Is your product FDA approved? 

Our formula is comprised of a blend of drugs performing the exact application that the FDA approved. These are not new drugs, the trials and documentation are extensive and took years to bring to the market. The length of time that a drug is on the market has nothing to do with the number side effects. Every drug in our custom formulas has withstood the test of time. We do not implement any "off Label" use of a drug.