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A Safe Narcotic Option for Pain Management.


Finally, a safe narcotic

There is hope, in an effort to curb the epidemic of prescription drug abuse, the new restrictions by the CDC and the DEA are treating patients with chronic pain as collateral damage.

There is hope, if you are a patient with chronic non-cancer pain, LoMed will provide you with the pain relief you deserve and allow your physician to reside in safe harbor with the new restrictions.


Safer and more effective pain management 

Physicians across America are looking for a safe and effective product to help patients cope with long-term, chronic pain. New opioid restrictions have forced physicians to greatly restrict the amount of morphine equivalents they can prescribe. However, as a result, patients are no longer getting the relief that they need. This creates a conundrum for the patient and the physician.

This is why we created the LoMed ProgramWe believe that pain management should be safe, effective, and in compliance with regulatory standards. 

 LoMed provides significant pain relief with the absence of withdrawal symptoms, dysphoria, constipation and a significantly reduced risk of overdose. 

Current guidelines have a ceiling of a 90-morphine milligram equivalent (MME)




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The economic benefit of LoMed when compared to the currently prescribed opioids is significant. LoMed is ten times safer at half the cost.
— Alexander Weingarten, M.D., PC


Physician Participation Program


The LoMed Program prioritizes safety. Our program gives physicians the tools to individualize the pain therapy based on the patient’s ability to avoid respiratory depression, consider their genetic ability to metabolize drugs and to ensure there are no conflicting drugs in their system. 

mME levels

LoMed allows you to significantly reduce your MME levels without having the patient suffer from significant withdrawal symptoms or elevated pain: 

  1. Initial dose, substitute the first pain medication with LoMed for three days
  2. Second dose, substitute the first and second pain medication with LoMed for three days
  3.  Fully transition to LoMed for all of the patient’s pain relief

Physician assistants

Our team of Physician Assistants will work with the patients to provide the ideal LoMed program experience, including: inducing the patients, addressing any allergy issues with the LoMed medications, adjusting the strength of the pain relief and any potential adverse reactions to the formula.

8-hour dose

An 8-hour dose of 100 mg of morphine is equal to an MME level of 100; as compared to an 8-hour dose of LoMed, which carries an MME value of 18.


By slowly transitioning your patients over to LoMed, you and your patients are no longer at risk of being flagged on the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.


Each patient will require a pharmacogenomic test for high metabolism of opioids; quarterly toxicology screening, and a home sleep study.                                                                



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It is very easy to implement the LoMed Program. Our start-up package includes all the necessary requisition forms and new client documents for our partner laboratories.

We look forward to your participation in the next generation of safe, reliable pain relief for your practice. 

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