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A Safe Narcotic Option for Pain Management.


Finally, a safe narcotic

There is hope, in an effort to curb the epidemic of prescription drug abuse, the new restrictions by the CDC and the DEA are treating patients with chronic pain as collateral damage.

There is hope, if you are a patient with chronic non-cancer pain, LoMed will provide you with the pain relief you deserve.


Safer and more effective pain management 

LoMed was created in response to the urgent and rapidly-growing need for a safer treatment for non-cancer pain, by a practitioner of pain medicine for over three decades. There are estimates that as many as 77 million patients have been abandoned by the new CDC guidelines. 

It is impossible to provide quality pain relief for many of these patients and maintain a maximum MME of 90.

It’s clear from the opioid epidemic that the current approach is not a viable solution. However, we believe that does not mean we should turn our backs on patients who need pain relief. From failed surgeries to pinched nerves, we feel a deep responsibility to help our patients to the best of our ability and ideally, provide them with the opportunity to flourish.

This is why we designed LoMed as a multimodal approach, not just a pill, that treats each patient holistically and individually.

In our continued mission to bring a sense of hope to our patients, we recently partnered with LifeWIRE Group to provide a bi-directional texting program for every patient. In this way every patient who opts in will be able to connect to us on a 24/7 basis at no charge.

This is an added value to the LoMed program.




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